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A Methode Cap Classique label was created for Elgin Ridge Organic Wines situated in the Elgin Valley. 
M is for Marion’s Vision. A dream made up of millions of milestones and moments to produce a unique Methode Cap Classique. Just as there are millions of bubbles in each bottle of champagne, there are millions of stars in the milky way and millions of moments in Marion’s life. It is an accumulation of the milky way as a symbolic representation of the personal journey from Ireland to South Africa that included milestones and life events that have lead to the opportunity for Champagne to be made at Elgin Ridge. Under millions of African stars Marion’s Vision has become a reality. This label design sums up this beautiful and meaningful journey and celebrates the realisation of a life dream.

Client - Elgin Ridge Organic Wines
Agency - Whitespace Creative Direction


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