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De Vry Distillery finds its home in a former milk shed located in the obscure backlands of the Free State. Inspired by the sense of possibility carried by blue skies and the abundance of sorghum, the Du Plooy brothers - Gerrit, Pasch and Albert grew passionate about crafting a line of homegrown spirits that are authentic and truly South African.

By keeping basic elements of traditional spirits logos and their associations, such as colours and embellishments, the De Vry Distillery brand is able to stay true to its roots.  The logo is made up of eight representative elements, each rationale by the concept.
The chosen positioning for the brand speaks from the three core ideas that it is centred on - passion, freedom, country. Each respective concept is deep-rooted and bears actual importance to the brothers.

Agency - Whitespace Creative Direction
Packaging Design & Photography - Nini Oosterhuis
Copywriter - Kyra Beer


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